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Animal Success Stories
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Bella is a beautiful story of beating the odds! Bella once had a home, but her family did not get her spayed and as often happens, when she became in a family way she we abandoned. A kind person started feeding her and became her friend. She called us to help because her new kitty friend was in labor and Bella was transferred us our care. She delivered 4 healthy kittens and over the next 10 weeks while they grew, she also became mama to several orphaned shelter babies. She helped 8 little lives survive!  But after the kittens were rehomed it was time for Bella to start her own life. Once spayed, she was ready. But she is black. Black kitties sometimes have trouble finding homes. Summer mellowed into fall and eventually the sweet person who had befriended her decided to take her back. For a year life was very nice for Bella.  But then her family became homeless.  They were in a serious situation themselves and tearfully they contacted us about Bella. 
She became a foster kitty once again and waited. And waited. One possible home did not work out. She waited. We kept reassuring her that it would come. She is the sweetest cat ever and deserved so much!

Then it happened.  A family was looking for a kitty. Not just any kitty.....they wanted her and only her. They were the perfect fit. Bella, after ups and downs for more than two years and her recent fostering that lasted 130 days Bella is home at last in a loving furr-ever home.  

Bella had several marks against her: She was black. She was an adult. As you think about your adoption please keep in mind that there are many sweet cats waiting for someone like you.