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Maybe as a kitten she had been someone’s little heart throb. Piper had loved her people, but they never fixed her and when she had four kittens, she suddenly was not wanted anymore. She was betrayed. She and her four little ones were abandoned to the shelter. That is not an easy fear to overcome The shelter found space for them all in Caring Hearts. Piper experienced nothing but love and acceptance with her fosters, but that was not a life she could have forever. Once her babies were grown and adopted and she had been spayed, the hunt for her forever family began. Piper’s fear of people persisted. She did not “show” well because she was so timid. September mellowed into October, then November. Weeks became months. Her foster gently brought her to adoption events nearly every weekend, but they made her frightened. Yet there was no other way.  Then November 30 it finally happened. 134 days after Piper entered rescue, a couple took a chance. They looked into Piper’s sweet frightened face and saw what could be. They took her home and gave her a quiet place and love. Lots of love. It did not happen over night, but little bit by little bit she came out of her shell. Now she is a sweet cuddly girl who spends her days cuddling with their aging mother and being her companion. She loves taking supervised walks in the yard with them. And wonderful happy forever story when a family gave love to the adult kitty who just needed a second chance.

We have other kitties, some adults, some special needs, who are looking for someone to give them a second chance. Could you open your heart to one?


Piper 2016                             Piper 2019